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This lesson is devoted to "The Big Bang Theory" season 1 episode 1

The overview
In this episode we meet the main characters, who are mainly scientific nerds with one exception - Penny - a young pretty girl. Sheldon and Leonard went to a high IQ sperm bank but failed to do what they were supposed to do there because of the social dilemma. When they came back home they found out that they had a new neighbour, Penny, and not without difficulty managed to invite her over for a dinner.
Following a very awkward chat Penny confessed that she had just broken up with a guy and burst into tears, which freaked Leonard and Sheldon out. Later she went to take a shower in their apartment and asked Leonard for a very unusual favour - to get her TVset from her ex-boyfriend. Meanwhile two friends came to visit Leonard and Sheldon - Howard, who was all  over himself to impress Penny, and Rajesh, who did the opposite - couldn't utter a word.
Leonard and Sheldon got out of this favour without the TVset and their pants, which made Penny feel really bad and pay for a dinner.