SeriesEnglish TBBT 102

Series English with Antonia - The Big Bang Theory s01e02
The overview
Leonard fell for Penny's charm again and agreed to help her out by receiving a piece of furniture for her, which was not actually easy-peasy. Working their fingers to the bone, Sheldon and Leonard did manage to drag it to Penny's flat and were shocked at how messy it was.
At night Sheldon came to Penny's place and cleaned although Leonard did his best to bring him back to reason, eventually helping him. Penny freaked out and took her key back slamming the door after her and leaving them ashamed and sorry (well, not all of them :)). However Sheldon did not understand what was wrong.
Penny talked to Raj (if I can call it a conversation) and when Leonard came to drop a note under her door, she convinced him that they were ok.