The Big Bang Theory - Series English 104

Series English - The Big Bang Theory s01e04
The overview
Our scientific nerds had to go to a corporate party, and their Sheldon did something wrong, as the result he got fired and began doing some weird research, like studying scrambled eggs and creating a luminous fish.
By the way! Howard came to the party with a girl! Where did he get her? Watch and find out!
For his experiment Sheldon needed some fresh eggs, so he asked Penny to take him to the supermarket, which she did but then regretted doing it, guess why! Sh' obsessions got Leonard scared, so he decided to call his mother. Sheldon didn't like the idea and hid in his room, after which everybody had to do smth to get him out. Mrs. Cooper  did manage to do that and made him also apologize to his boss, so that Sheldon could get his work back.