SeriesEnglish HIMYM 107

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Another video lesson, based on watching and analysing "How I met your mother". As usual the plan is:
1. Overview
2. Questions
3. Useful language
p.s. I really love this TV show, although recently it got different, I guess that the script writers find it hard to make new exciting stories with these characters and episodes become a little crazy and rediculous... but that's just my HO :)

SeriesEnglish HIMYM 102

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This is the second lesson, based on HIMYM series. To make your learning process with my lesson more productive buy "How I Met your Mother" 1st season. Of course, I strongly advise to buy a DVD and enjoy all the benefits.
Providing your level of English is quite high - you can watch the episode in original and then work with my lessons, but if it is too hard - you can still watch the series in Russian and still work with me! Here we go - HIMYM s01e02

SeriesEnglish Introduction

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This is an introduction to my new video project for English learners - studying the language watching and analyzing TV series. I have developed my own strategy, so try it!
Это введение в мой новый видео проект для изучающих английский - повышение уровня с помощью просмотра и анализа сериалов. Я разработала свою методику, попробуйте!