english interjections

№69 English & Russian Interjections 3 - duh, hush, shush, yauza, ding-ding-ding, ick

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And again we learn new interjections! These tiny pieces of emotions are essencial for any language learner so let's sneak a peek! Today we'll study these: duh! hush! shush! yauza! ding-ding-ding! ding-dong! ick!
English - every Monday! Russian - every Wednesday!

№44 English & Russian Interjections 3 - whoa, uhm, woo, nah, yikes, uh-huh

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Interjections are little pieces of emotions in a language! So let's learn to express our feelings properly in English and in Russian! Whoa! Uhm! Woo! Nah! Yikes! Uh-huh!
Эй! Э.. У! Ой! Ага! Угу!

№36 English Vocabulary: Interjections 2 - oops, whoa, phew, shoo, shoot, huh

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This class is useful in terms of English and Russian! Every emotion and feeling should be interpreted correctly! And knowing foreign interjections helps us here a great deal! So let's study them! oops! whoa! phew! shoo! shoot! huh?!

№33 English Vocabulary 11: Interjections - oh!, ah!, ouch!, yuck!, wow!, geez!..

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Understanding people's emotions is part and parcel of understanding people altogether!
oh!, ah!, ouch!, yuck!, wow!, geez!.. - there are so many of them! Let's take a look!