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Russian Instrumental case - functions, forms, творительный падеж в русском

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It's time we talked about the instrumental case! It is the fifth case in the Russian case system and it is used quite often in the Russian language so we need to know it quite well. There is an exercise at the end so be patient and make sure to do it!
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Russian cases: Accusative case - винительный падеж, russian grammar

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The fifth lesson, devoted to Russian cases! Accusative is very important as it is used for almost all direct objects! Let's continue studying Russian cases and mastering Russian grammar!
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#70 Russian grammar - Dative case: give, help, need, I am 18, I am cold...

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In this video lesson I will talk about the Dative case of the Russian language. First we'll surf through the situations in which we are supposed to use this case and then see how words change their forms when they are put in Dative!

#57 Russian cases - Genitive case - Russian grammar

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Genitive case is quite popular in Russian and there are several rules which will help you inderstand when you should use it and how. Today we will memorize genitive forms for singular nouns!
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#52 Russian - мне нравится, I like 2

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In this video we will continue talking about the verb "понравиться", we will take a look at its past and future forms as well as compare it with the verb "понравиться", which is very close, but still different.
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#49 Russian cases - Nominative case, Russian grammar

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It's high time we studied Russian cases in more details! And we are going to start with the Nominative case! We'll take a look at how it is formed and when it is used ;) Stay tuned for more Russian and English videos!

#26 Russian Grammar: cases - nominative, genitive, dative, accusative, instrumental, prepositional

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Let's continue studying Russian grammar! This time I will tell you about Russian cases, as you know there are 6 of them and they are very important as Russian is a sythetic language. Stay tuned for more English and Russian videos!