conditional sentences

№64 Conditionals: inversion - had I known, should you be, were we to... conditional sentences

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Once again we are going to talk about conditional sentences, but this time we'll investigate inversion in such kind of sentences! This class is quite advanced!
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№14 English Grammar 12: Conditionals 2

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Series English Grammar
Conditionals 2 (0 conditional, I wish...) We have already started studying English conditional sentences, but there is still some exrta information you should know! There are not just 2 types of conditionals, there is also zero type, which is quite interesting by the way. Also we will talk about constructions with WISH, wich are also considered as a conditional in some way.

English Grammar 6: Conditionals

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Series English Grammar - Conditionals (If...)
In this lesson we will start studying three major types of conditional sentences, see their structures and learn to formulate ideas in terms of real situations, unreal situations in present, future and past. There will be more classes, devoted to conditionals, in which I will pay special attention to zero conditionals and structures with "wish"