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№63 Phrasal Verbs 5 + Sex and the city: be behind on, be good at, look forward to

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Here is another class devoted to English phrasal verbs! You'll master three more and enlarge your vocabulary with additional set expressions! Don't waste another second! Dive in! ;)
English - every Monday! Russian - every Wednesday!

№61 English Idioms 7 with "Sex and the city" - swing into high gear, not a drop, take the high road

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And once again we study English idioms with "Sex and the city" TV show! Three more idioms for today to enlarge your vocabulary - "swing into high gear", "not a drop", "take the high road"
English - every Monday! Russian - every Wednesday!

№59 English Phrasal Verbs 4 + Sex and the city: hook up with, fix up, try on

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Let's study some more phrasal verbs! This time they will be from "Sex and the city" TV show! As you know, phrasal verbs are one of the most challenging topics in English!
English - every Monday! Russian - every Wednesday!

№58 English Idioms 6 with Sex and the City - pop the question, take a rain check, up to one's ears

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Today we study English Idioms with "Sex and the city" TV show! Idioms are part and parcel of any language, especially English as it is very figurative! The idioms for today are - "to pop the question", "to take a rain check'', "be up to one's ears".
English - every Monday! Russian - every Wednesday!

№54 English Idioms 4 with FRIENDS - blow off steam, leave in the air, caution to the wind...

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We keep studying English Idioms, this time I found them in FRIENDS TV show, they are really interesting and useful! Enrich your vocabulary and understand native speakers better!
English - every Monday! Russian - every Wednesday!
1) blow off steam
2) state of the art
3) leave in the air
4) to the rescue
5) throw caution to the wind

№40 English Phrasal verbs with Sherlock 1: point out, fill in for, keep up appearances, put up with

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Welcome to my new idea! Today we study English Phrasal verbs with Sherlock TV series! It is going to be very exciting and useful! So here are the first 5 phrasal verbs - point out, think through, fill in for, put up with, keep up appearances. + Russian translations
English - every Monday! Russian - every Wednesday!

№34 English Vocabulary 12: Idioms 2 - hold that thought, walk all over, half the battle, punch line

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We continue studying English Idioms! It is really exciting, so keep up!
Today we study:
1. hold that thought
2. walk all over smb
3. half the battle
4. the punch line
5. throw smth out of the window

№20 English Grammar 15: Used to do/ Be used to doing

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This video is devoted to an issue, which rises a lot of questions. So I have decided to clear things out once and for all! Used to do smth, Be used to doing smth - these two constructions seem to be so similar but actually it turns out that they are quite different. We'll focus on their defferences in terms of grammar and meaning so that you will have no problems anymore!
Let's get to it!

SeriesEnglish TBBT 106

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Series English with Antonia
The Big Bang Theory s01e06
Another video connected with "The Big Bang Theory" TV show! Practise speaking! Study some useful English grammatical constructions and idioms!

SeriesEnglish HIMYM 110

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In this video lesson I work with season 1 episode 10 of the series "How I met your mother". The plan is as usual:
1. Quick overview.
2. Questions.
3. Phrases.
Get involved - retell, answer, practice ;)