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№54 English Idioms 4 with FRIENDS - blow off steam, leave in the air, caution to the wind...

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We keep studying English Idioms, this time I found them in FRIENDS TV show, they are really interesting and useful! Enrich your vocabulary and understand native speakers better!
English - every Monday! Russian - every Wednesday!
1) blow off steam
2) state of the art
3) leave in the air
4) to the rescue
5) throw caution to the wind

№16 English idioms/ Пять английских идиом 1

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In this lesson I'll tell about English idioms!

1) to want someone out of the picture
2) the bottom line is...
3) to push somebody's buttons
4) to be as good as new
5) a horse race

I'll speak mainly Russian, but if you do not understand this language you can still pick up some English vocabulary, as I give English explanations too!