infinitive and gerund

№79 English Grammar - infinitive and gerund 3 - male and female verbs, bisexual verbs

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What are bisexual verbs? When do we use an infinitive after a verb and when do we use a gerund? These are good questions the answers to which you will find in the video! So we continue studying English grammar - keep up!
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№24 English Grammar 16: Male and Female verbs 2 (infinitive - gerund) инфинитив - герундий

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Today we study English! So in this lesson I tell you about male verbs, the ones after which we are supposed to use an infinitive (to do), not a gerund (doing). Let's improve our knowledge of English Grammar ;) This classification was made by me for fun, so it doesn't have anything to do with genders! Do not get confused! Here we just deal with two kinds of verbs - the ones after which we can use an infinitive and the ones after we use a gerund.

№18 English Grammar 14: English Male and Female Verbs

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Here I tell you about male and female verbs - this is my funny classification of verbs after which we use infinitives and the ones after which we use gerunds!
So do not get confused actually verbs in English do not have genders it is just a joke to make it easier to remember that some English verbs are used only with infinitives after them, and some - with gerunds! So let's get to it ;)