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Russian food - медовик, honey cake recipe, Russian dessert - рецепт медовика

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It's time to cook another Russian dessert! This time we'll make a wonderful fluffy honey cake! It takes a little long to cook but it is totally with it! You should try it! And study Russian in the way!
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Russian sochniki: cottage cheese pies or scones recipe, сочники с творогом, how to cook сочни

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TURN THE SUBS ON! Today we will cook another Russian traditional dish, it is a dessert and it is yummy! Cottage cheese pies! Сочники с творогом!
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Russian okroshka - how to cook Russian okroshka, окрошка recipe, Russian food

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Let's cook another Russian dish - okroshka, it's a kind of a soup, but not quite. It's made of vegetables, ham eggs and you can use different seasonings.
p.s. I am on vacation now in Germany. But I will try to post videos as often as possible!

Russian borscht, how to cook Russian Borsch, русский борщ recipe, ukrainian borscht, украинский

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Today we are cooking a Russian borsch, that's right! It is one of the most popular Russian dishes, which is a must for you, if you want to experience Russian culture at least a little!
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#62 Russian - picking mushrooms, собираем грибы

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Picking up mushrooms is one of Russian passions! So we go into the forest and find some mushrooms and berried to cook something really delicious! + new vocabulary!
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#12 English & Russian: In a restaurant/ В ресторане

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You are in a restaurant and you do not know what to say? - I'll help!
In this episode I'll teach you how to make an order, what to order and so on in Russian and in English! Stay put, do not go anywhere and you'll learn a lot!
We'll talk about traditional Russian food and drinks! It'll be fun, come on!