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#27 Christmas vocabulary - English + Russian: new year, santa claus, father frost, christmas tree...

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Happy New Year! Merry Christmas! My dear friends! Now you can congratulate your friends and family in English or in Russian! Surprise them! They'll enjoy it!

№32 English Vocabulary 10 - Reading practice 1: Vaniar's Secret, read by Alexander Seidler

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Practise reading with Alexander Seidler, who reads Antonia's story "Vaniar's Secret"! Improve your pronunciation! Enlarge your vocabulary and master your grammar ;)

№25 English Vocabulary 6 - English Idioms 4: a judgement call, a conversational wizard..

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Продолжаем изучать английские идиомы! (+ English explanations) На этот раз изучаем следующие:
1) A judgement call
2) A conversational wizard
3) To shoot for the stars
4) To keep something under one's hat
5) A can of worms